Modulo Communication Systems

Telecom Solution Center

High Expertise & Quality of Service

Modulo offers the highest expertise in providing a high quality set of services for designing, developing, and integrating cost efficient telecom solutions. Based on leading building blocks and testing solutions, scalable architecture solutions are available for any telco environment ranging from the latest LTE, WebRTC, IMS, and Diameter specifications, to more traditional 3G/UMTS, GSM, SIP, SS7 and even Analog protocols.

Solution Diversity & Flexibility

Whether the product is of our own development, or of our partners, Modulo offers diverse and flexible solutions for signaling, voice, video, fax, conferencing, and any other media. We also specialize in solutions for mobile, fixed-line, messaging, social networking, network infrastructure (WebRTC, VoIP, Diameter and SS7 protocols), service enablers, unified communications and many more. We design all our solutions with scalable architecture based on the best hardware and software from a wide range of leading suppliers.

Centralized Service Center Effectiveness

As a Centralized Service Center, Modulo concentrates all the benefits of several telecom leader suppliers in a single company. Modulo offers a wide variety of services – design, development, integration, support and training for all delivered components and solutions, ensuring fast delivery, real time operation management and quick adaptation to market evolution.

Telecom Equipment Manufacturers

Bringing telecom products to the market is expensive, as it requires telecom domain expertise. Additionally, the developed product needs to be tested extensively for interoperability with other products – which is also costly, especially for smaller companies which are often strapped for cash.

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Enterprise Solution Providers

Driven by the need for better security, a lower total cost of ownership and more rational infrastructures, enterprise is in the midst of an evolution. Never before has enterprise had to tackle so many challenges to successfully connect and provide functionality to staff.

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Telecom Service Providers

Today’s handset technology and market reality bring Service Providers to try and generate additional sources of revenue. They do so by developing new services that are likely to increase the AMPU (Average Margin per User) more, compared to the ARPU (Average Revenue per User). Services need to be more and more cost-efficient, quick and easy to offer, and easy to adapt to changes in the market. Adaptability of Service Providers depends largely on the scalability of the network architecture.

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