Leading team

Franck Malka, CEO

franck malkaFranck Malka is co-founder of the company. With 21 years experience in the local telecom market, he recognized the demand for a local company that could deliver comprehensive services for local telecom operators and manufacturers. A software engineer with the first VoIP media gateways in Vocaltec, field engineer and channel manager at Intel for the telecom industry, including Dialogic designs and deployments managing, held position of CTO for InLive Interactive, Franck brings to Modulo his high skills for managing, designing, developing, and integrating telecom applications, as well as high efficiency in company management with integrity and high commitment to both partners and customers. Franck now achieves in Modulo his vision to generate the best Telecom Solution Center in Israel.

Jonathan Schwartz, CTO

jonathan schwartzJonathan is co-founder of the company. Mamram graduate, served in the Israeli Air Force, In charge of VAS system and telephony integration in Xcitel as telephony group manager, Consultant for local mobile and international operators and companies, (MindCTI, Personeta, Partner, Cellcom, NICE and others …), and held position of CTO at Artec-Lantec. Jonathan has been having a brilliant career in the telecom technologies market in the last 22 years. He brings to Modulo his proficiency in a vast range of telecom standards and integrations. Jonathan believes that providing a set of high quality services, combining competitive off-the-shelf products, solution flexibility and high expertise, enabling customers to optimize their technology capabilities and lower capital and operational expenditures is the principal key for the success of Modulo.

Yair Nahon, CFO

yair nahonYair joined modulo almost from the first day, managing and directing the financial risks, financial planning and record-keeping of the company. Lastly Deputy CFO at Avner Assurances Group, Yair has 30 years of experience in financial management. Knowledgeable in financial Israeli law and agreements management, Yair manages all of the company’s financial decisions. Committed to success, Yair believes that modulo can achieve its vision through its employees’, partners’ and customers’ satisfaction.