Building a Mobile-to-Wi-Fi Offload Solution with Modulo’s MAP-Gateway

Mobile data traffic consumption is increasing exponentially. Since Wi-Fi is widely available, and is also supported in a large number of mobile devices, it offers the potential to become a seamless, cost effective extension of the 3GPP mobile network.

A whitepaper recently released by Cisco regarding their Visual Networking Index (VNI) stated that global mobile data traffic is expected to grow from 3.7EB (1 Exabyte = 1 million Terabytes) today, to 30.6EB in 2020, at a compounded annual growth rate of 53%. The whitepaper also stated that mobile offload exceeded cellular traffic for the first time in 2015.

Cisco Mobile Data Projection

Flat-rate mobile subscription plans are becoming more and more common in many countries around the world; hence, ARPU is stabilizing while data consumption is increasing. The cost of transporting data for MNOs is threatening to exceed revenue from subscribers. More and more operators are looking to integrate 3G/4G offload methods to try and lower data transfer on their mobile network, so the demand is high.

If your company wants to build a Wi-Fi offload solution – You need a MAP Gateway

Mobile-to-Wi-Fi traffic offload solutions require EAP authentication functions for mobile subscriber access to Wi-Fi hotspots using existing SIM-based authentication methods. Modulo’s MAP Gateway provides this required authentication function, as well as many other services. In addition, the Modulo MAP Gateway implements additional MAP-based functions that might be leveraged to implement many other value added services.

Modulo’s GSM-MAP Gateway is a scalable, high-performance telecommunications signaling platform. The MAP GW combines connectivity to SS7 and SIGTRAN-based mobile networks with IP-based standard interfaces, to facilitate 3rd party applications’ access to mobile network information. The gateway implements the most common used MAP flows, which can be triggered via an HTTP/Json RESTful API, or RADIUS for selected standard EAP Authentication methods.

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