Cost-Effective Integration of Intelligent Network (IN) Services in 2G, 3G and 4G Networks

More and more mobile operators around the world are upgrading their infrastructure to 4G LTE, because of its much-faster data transfer speeds compared to 3G data. However, until VoLTE becomes a standard infrastructure for voice call handling, voice calls and SMS services for most carriers are handled by legacy (2G or 3G) infrastructures. Same with Intelligent Network (IN) Services.

CAMEL Application Part (CAP) is the set of standards used for handling real-time mobile communication management, specifically to allow control of network services and enable unified billing processes while subscribers are roaming. CAMEL stands for Customized Applications for Mobile networks Enhanced Logic. In CDMA networks, the corresponding protocol is WIN (Wireless Intelligent Network).

Without an appropriate gateway, value-added Intelligent Network services would have to be created using the SS7 CAP or WIN protocols, since those are part of the protocol stacks used for signaling in 2G/3G core networks. This would make creation of service logic expensive and complicated, since it requires hiring programmers that are proficient in SS7.

Modulo’s Intelligent Network Gateway makes writing and implementing service logic much cheaper and easier by converting CAP/WIN to HTTP (or Diameter) and vice-versa. What this means, is that service logic can be written in HTTP, which is much easier and more commonly used, and the IN Gateway will convert everything into CAMEL/WIN in real time.

The IN Gateway allows the creation of a wide variety of intelligent services, such as:

  • Number translation
  • Prepaid real-time billing
  • Call Interception – for security forces
  • Screening (code for family when going overseas)
  • Internal dialing for cellular
  • Reverse charging
  • And more…

The gateway can also be customized to allow the addition of value-added services to the network, such as voicemail boxes and missed-call alerts.


More About Modulo’s IN Gateway

The IN Gateway solution enables even small-scale mobile operators to offer their customers IN services in a simple, cost effective process.

The gateway converts HTTP to CAMEL/WIN or Diameter and vice-versa, promising seamless billing processes with any billing service and avoiding compatibility issues that can create problems in the mobile network.

The Modulo Intelligent Network Gateway has many useful features for mobile network operators. For example, it has a conversion-mode which can be used to convert SS7 dialogues into DIAMETER Ro requests by mapping the SS7 transaction components parameters to attribute value pairs:


This is just one of the many useful features of our IN Gateway. For more information, visit the IN Gateway product page: Modulo’s IN Gateway.

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