Non-Intrusive Monitoring of Traffic in Large Networks

Network monitoring is today’s most essential tool for effective network operation, maintenance and optimization. This is true for networks of any size, from smaller networks to public sized, mobile or fixed networks serving millions of subscribers/users/endpoints; all of them need some type of monitoring system. In some cases monitoring is a legal must for network providers to fulfill SLA requirements and commitments as well as for adhering to Government regulations.

Network Monitoring implementation has many different shapes and sizes, including counters on network elements (for measuring traffic), free tools for SNMP traces (such as Microsoft Network Monitor), as well as large Flow Monitoring Systems and complex carrier oriented call trace tools and lawful interception mechanisms.

Whether them being free tools or multi-million-connections monitoring systems, physical access to the network is a must. From 10 Mbit copper interface to 100 Gbit fiber connections, from probes through simple tapping to complex packet brokering – Modulo Communication Systems provides the right monitoring tools for any customer’s needs.

For the basic access layer, we provide devices which give transparent and non-intrusive physical access to the network – without changing or influencing network information, timing or data integrity – Optical and Electrical TAPs.

For more complex tasks and high-volume data networks, where a simple network TAP is not sufficient for providing relevant information to monitoring tools, we offer our range of Network Packet Brokers (NPBs). NPBs receive the traffic from TAPs and aggregate, filter and send it to different monitoring systems. This reduces the cost of monitoring systems for many use cases, such as threat detection, performance management, and saves the cost and hassle of integrating a large number of monitoring tools in different segments of the network.

Modulo provides two types of Packet Brokers: The Packetmaster, equipped with layer 4 capabilities, and the more powerful Sessionmaster, equipped with layer 7 capabilities. Modulo’s session-aware solutions work up to Layer 7 to fulfil requests for offloading monitoring devices and providing metadata out of these devices. This metadata is agnostic and can be used in any northbound monitoring system!

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