VoLTE’s Place in Emergency Services Communications

As many Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are deploying 4G LTE infrastructure for their networks, VoLTE (or Voice over LTE) is being considered as the future of mobile telephony. Today, the vast majority of carriers use 2G or 3G systems to handle voice calls, SMS and MMS.

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Public safety operations are becoming more and more dependent on high-speed, high-quality delivery of real time information across communications networks. The UK is introducing an LTE network for emergency services called the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP), and the United States has been working on a nationwide LTE network called FirstNet, to serve as a communication platform for the nation’s first responders. VoLTE services are going to be central to the functions of those networks.

VoLTE has many advantages over the existing systems handling voice communications: It offers high-definition call quality, seamless handoff between different LTE networks, lower operating costs (since it is a data-based communications platform, there are no costs for call routing), and very importantly, it has the capacity to enable the use of a variety of multimedia applications other than voice, such as video and data-file transfer. Today’s emergency services communications are mostly handled by using specialized radio networks (like TETRA), which work well, but are expensive, and are not suitable for high speed, real time transfer of information such as live video feeds or data files.


It is worth noting that VoLTE is in its infancy and is still being developed; the first VoLTE service was introduced in Singapore in 2014. Since deploying 4G infrastructure is costly and time consuming, it is still in process and coverage in most of the world is incomplete to say the least. However, seeing that mobile technology is one of the fastest-evolving fields in the tech history, it shouldn’t take too long until VoLTE becomes the standard for mobile communication.


Modulo’s VoLTE Solution

Modulo Communications Systems has made a policy of adapting to the newest cutting-edge technologies in the telecom market, and VoLTE has not skipped that policy. Modulo offers a full-fledged VoLTE solution for carriers of all sizes who want to introduce VoLTE services to their customers. Our VoLTE solution is in fact the result of the integration of several different products; It includes an IMS Core, an MMTEL TAS, and an MRF. It is NVF-enabled, which means it can be used in a hardware setup or as a Network Virtualized Function on the cloud.

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