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The Omnia series leverages Cubro’s experience in Network Visibility and Monitoring, creating a lineup of purpose-driven hardware paired with software feature stacks developed over years of engineering. This approach offers customers greater choice, more functionality, and flexibility to tailor features to a specific need. The EXA8 joins the Omnia lineup, now as the Omnia10, while Omnia expands on the hardware capabilities with the Omnia20 and Omnia120 featuring higher port density, ports speeds, and performance.

Each piece of hardware is designed to incorporate features from Cubro’s PacketMaster and SessionMaster feature stacks, functions coming direct from Cubro’s line of network packet brokers and advanced, next-gen packet brokers, respectively. Omnia also introduces the AppMaster feature stack, a full-featured Ubuntu Linux operating system allowing users to run additional applications. These applications come from a diverse ecosystem including applications developed by Cubro, our AppMaster partners, and packages from the Linux open-source community.

Network Guardian Tool An embedded network monitoring software option for Omnia

No matter the size of your company, whether a small startup or a corporation spanning sites all over the world, a secure and reliable network is the foundation of a successful business. Across all markets, services, and products, the internet is the primary means by which a company interacts with its customers providing online marketplaces, payment processing, marketing, communications and more.

Custos, a Latin word meaning a guardian, is a low cost embedded network monitoring software application option for Omnia that keeps a watchful eye on your companies’ network. It provides immediate information from the moment it is installed and develops a comprehensive understanding of your network’s behaviour over time.


The EXA64100 is a high-performance advanced network packet broker that aggregates, filters, duplicates, and load balances network traffic to security, monitoring and management tools. The EXA64100 is based on programmable switching fabric. It is based on an advanced multi-core, industry leading programmable switch chip architecture.

This platform allows all filtering features to be implemented at the hardware level for unmatched throughput and performance. The EXA64100 enables high-performance deep protocol identification and processing, and data message pre-processing at the chip forwarding logic level. The multi-layer filtering capabilities of the EXA64100 is a powerful feature of this device which enables enhanced network visibility and better network performance.


The Cubro Cloud Switch (CCS) is currently the end in this evolution from L4 NPB to an active network device with visibility functions included. 

The CCS provides switching functions in layer 2 to 7 and at the same time visibility. This is possible because the packet forwarding is done in hardware. The switch infrastructure knows where the microservice is running, and can copy the relevant traffic before sending it over to the switch infrastructure – the probing system (virtual/real).

Even when the microservices are moved or scaled out the Cubro Solution can follow the application using the application ID across the data center.

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