A Powerful, Yet Cost-Effective Subscriber Management Solution for Multi-Generational Mobile Networks.

Modulo’s HLR-HSS is a cross-generational carrier-class mobile subscriber database management solution for GSM, UMTS, HSPA/HSPA+, and LTE networks.

Cloud-based distributed architecture makes the Modulo HLR-HSS an ideal solution for MVNOs and MNOs that are seeking to reduce their OpEx and need a robust, cost-effective, flexible and scalable subscriber database management solution.


Small MVNOs depend on their host network for many of their network functions. As their subscriber base grows, many MVNOs want to retain more control of their network and lower their OpEx to facilitate faster growth. Deploying a reliable, scalable and cost-effective HLR-HSS is a great opportunity for expanding MVNOs to decrease their dependency on their host network and lower their operating costs.


The ongoing, fast-paced growth in mobile data traffic warrant significant changes in mobile network architecture. Mobile networks will need to be more flexible, more easily and quickly scalable and more cost-effective. Modulo’s HLR-HSS solution can be deployed on any standard server running Linux or on any popular cloud service, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud…

Exported Control Points and HTTP

The Modulo HLR includes exported control points, a feature that enables adding subscriber-specific business logic to the service logic. An HTTP API allows the addition of logic via 3rd party applications.

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