Intelligent Network Gateway

Intelligent gateway for easy integration of value-added services and billing systems using CAMEL (CAP), WIN, Diameter, INAP, or MAP in 2G/3G/4G Networks

What is Modulo’s Intelligent Network Gateway?

Modulo’s Intelligent Network (IN) Gateway is a powerful enabler for fast and easy Intelligent Network services deployment and real time control of calls in fixed and mobile networks using MAP, INAP, WIN or CAMEL Application Part (CAP) protocols.

The IN Gateway can act as a comprehensive interworking function between GSM/UMTS/CDMA and 4G LTE infrastructures (including VoLTE) in multi-generational mobile networks, for seamless integration of Intelligent Network (IN) services like real-time and prepaid billing.

Modulo's Intelligent Gateway Protocol Stack Chart

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Examples of Use Cases

SS7 Integration for Billing Systems

The IN Gateway enables real-time control of calls, SMS and data based on the CAMEL ( in UMTS networks) or WIN (in CDMA networks) protocols, which is essential for integration of 3rd party billing services to SS7 networks.

Value-Added Services Integration

A unique RESTful HTTP API enables service providers to develop and integrate vendor-independent Value-Added Services (VAS) without the need to have a deep understanding of the SS7 protocol stack.


Many networks around the world with 4G LTE deployed still rely on their 3G infrastructure for voice and SMS services. In order to integrate billing between the 3G and 4G networks, an interworking function is needed.

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Cross-technology Interworking Function

Modulo’s Intelligent Network Gateway performs various non-standard conversions between GSM, CDMA and LTE network elements. Such conversions are usually utilized in prepaid billing and real-time charging scenarios which require bridging between 2G/3G and 4G networks. The IN-GW performs the following conversions:

  • CAMEL (CAP) to Diameter (Ro interface)
  • Diameter (Ro interface) to CAMEL (CAP)
  • WIN (CDMA) to Diameter
  • Diameter to WIN (CDMA)
Modulo IN Gateway Conversion mode Diagram

Conversions between CAMEL (UMTS) and WIN (CDMA) (and vice-versa) are essential for Inter-standard roaming. Some mobile operators around the world utilize both UMTS and CDMA infrastructures in the same network, and require a solution such as our Intelligent CAMEL gateway in case the operators want to use a single network-wide billing server.

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Value-Added Service Integration via RESTful HTTP API

The IN Gateway gives service providers the ability to quickly and easily develop Value-Added Services (VAS).

The RESTful HTTP API enables service providers to develop services for mobile networks without a deep understanding of SS7 protocols.

The API enables real-time control of calls, SMS and GPRS sessions in the mobile network.

IN Gateway Application Mode Diagram

Our gateway can perform the following conversions:

  • Diameter (Ro) to HTTP
  • HTTP to Diameter (Ro)
  • WIN (CDMA) to HTTP
  • HTTP to WIN (CDMA)
  • MAP to HTTP
  • HTTP to MAP