Cubro Network Packet Broker (NPB) - Network Interface Card (NIC)

The Cubro Intelligent NIC

Implement a high-performance Network Packet Broker or Probe in your own server with Cubro’s Intelligent NIC

The implementation of high layer software on X86 server is becoming more and more complex. The performance of the network service sub system is a key factor in simplifying application development and deployment.

The Cubro Intelligent Network Interface Card (NIC) helps application software to offload network related processing from the server CPU to a dedicated SoC. This offload enables the application system to be accelerated without too much modification on existing software.

The sub-processor on the I-NIC runs its own operating system (Linux). All it needs in order to run is the power supply. The boot software is also stored on the card.

In fact, the Host server is needed only for management and Data transfer.

NIC connection diagram

Network Packet Broker on a NIC

A Network Packet Broker essentially acts like a traffic cop: According to rules set by the user, it blocks and/or redirects network traffic to network locations set by the user. It can aggregate traffic from a large number of sources, and send it to monitoring software, probes, or any other custom location on the network (any to many / many to any).

It can also perform filtering tasks (up to layer 7), load balancing, hash modifications and more. It allows you to simplify network and application monitoring, speed up server processing, and lower development time.

Network Packet Brokers are like Traffic Cops

Network Probe on a NIC

The Intelligent NIC Supports many network interfaces: RP/PI | GPRS Gb | IU PS | GN | S6a | S 11 | S1-MME | S1-U | S5/8 | GI | Radius | HTTP | TCP/IP DPI

The I-NIC can handle and interrogate up to 20Gbps of traffic from taps.

Cubro Probe on a NIC - GUI Screenshot

Technical Details


General Functions:

  • Layer 7 Traffic Filtering
  • Load balancing
  • GRE Tunnel
  • VXLAN Tunnel
  • Aggregation – Many to Any
  • Aggregation – Any to Many

Special Functions:

  • Filtering on VLAN
  • VLAN add/remove
  • MPLS add/remove
  • load balance hash modification




  • PCIe Gen3.0 x8
  • 2 x 10 GiE SFP+

System on Chip (SoC):

  • Cavium Octeon III
  • CN7350 800MHz

Memory: 32GB

Power: 25W

Dimension: 6.86 cm x 16.76 cm

Network Ports: 2 x SFP/SFP+ 1-10 Gbit

Backplan Bandwidth: 20Gbps

Port Bandwidth: 10Gbps

Supported Connections: SFP, SFP+

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