Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC)

Mobile data traffic is booming, in large part due to the explosion in powerful, low cost IP-ready devices like smart phones, e-readers, PCs with dongles, and tablets. This explosion in smart devices is creating a concurrent wave of Diameter Signaling. Accelerating data growth and recent high-profile network outages make it clear that “business as usual” is no longer sufficient for the Diameter Signaling Network.



The Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) will enable Mobile Network Operators to mitigate the impacts of this Diameter ”Signaling Tsunami” and create a Diameter Signaling Network that is capable of absorbing the wave of growth and functionality that is coming.

Centralized diameter signaling management has become essential to controlling the growth and the complexity. Policy management and charging solutions (using DRA binding and Diameter Load Balancing) are being deployed to manage subscriber resource utilization. Edge Agents and Diameter-SS7 Gateways complete the picture, tying the old and new technologies together.

Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) Use Cases

The Mavenir DSC

Mavenir’s DSC enables operators to grow their network according to demand, tracking investment with realizable revenue. The DSC addresses the manageability requirements for the Diameter signaling network, enabling incremental centralization of control for routing, secure interworking with other networks for roaming, and management of signaling traffic load for critical resources such as policy servers, home subscriber servers, and online charging.

To contend with unexpected requirements for security and interworking, Mavenir’s DSC provides a sophisticated and efficient scripting environment. Scripting enables planned and ad hoc response to special routing needs and interoperability challenges. Scripting can compensate for the differences in standards interpretation that inevitably occur as equipment from multiple vendors and multiple operators is integrated. Scripting can also detect security violations and provide information for operational analysis of network behaviors.
DSC Benefits

  •     Overcomes routing challenges, provides advanced load balancing of Diameter traffic, and Diameter signaling network scalability
  •     Clustering technology to meet high availability requirements
  •     Sophisticated scripting environment to address special routing needs and/or specific interoperability requirements
  •     Centralized Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M) with easy to use configuration, fault and performance management
  •     Software solution based upon Signalware Diameter, Ulticom’s globally deployed Diameter product
  •     Deployable on commercially available platforms as well as virtual environments
  •     Supporting Red Hat 5 and 6 and CentOS 6 Linux

DSC Use Cases

  •     Central Router
  •     Edge Router (DEA)
  •     IPX Hub
  •     Load Balancer
  •     Policy Router (DRA)

Diameter Signaling Controller