MAP Gateway

Modulo’s MAP Gateway is a powerful flexible bridge between the GSM/UMTS signaling network and modern web applications. It provides an HTTP/REST interface for web developers to embed a mobile network function in their application.



What is a MAP Gateway?

MAP Gateway is a mobile network element that provides the ability to interact with network elements such as the HLR, the VLR/MSC and the SMSC, for easy creation of new core network services. MAP stands for Mobile Application Part, a protocol used in mobile network communication.

Modulo’s MAP Gateway

Modulo’s MAP Gateway is a critical GSM/UMTS network element. enables fast and easy creation of Value Added Services (VAS) for 2G/3G mobile networks with a simple REST/HTTP interface.

The MAP Gateway’s RESTful HTTP interface allows any web developer to create new services for 2G and 3G mobile networks, making the development and deployment process faster and cheaper compared to traditional SS7-based development.

Modulo’s MAP Signaling Gateway’s Horizontally scalable architecture provides high reliability and extensive scope to increase system throughput in pace with network growth. Supporting SS7 & SIGTRAN with no vendor specific dependency, it can scale from 4 LSL up to 744 LSL or the equivalent in SIGTRAN bandwidth.

Our MAP Gateway does not implement service logic but could potentially be customized to do so. Typically the logic of services provided to subscribers is determined by external applications that interact with mobile networks through the MAP Gateway using a common IP interface.

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    Hosted MAP Gateway

    Modulo’s MAP Gateway is a software-based and cloud-ready core network element. This means it can be deployed on any cloud service, making it easier, more efficient, more flexible, and more cost-effective compared to HLRs from other vendors.

    System Features

    • Provides a wide range of services to subscribers with real-time control in home and visited networks
    • Determining current subscriber status (e.g. busy, out of network range, etc.)
    • Determining current subscriber location (cell-id)
    • Determining subscriber IMEI and IMSI
    • The MAP-GW element allows interaction with the Specialized Resource Function (SRF) or Intelligent Peripheral (IP)
    • Flexible implementation of MAP services such as ATI, USSD or Location Update
    • Full clustering for redundancy
    • Service statistics log
    • Flexible SS7 & SIGTRAN configuration.
    • Logging transaction results with various levels of detailing
    • Configuration and monitoring using any kind of remote access technology. All system parameters may be configured through editing configuration files and/or using the web-based administration software
    • Alarm logging with SNMP support

    Modulo’s MAP Gateway – Functional Specifications

    Host General purpose server with Linux OS
    TDM Interface PCIe E1/T1/J1 adapter with MTP2 software
    IP Interface to Telephone Network M3UA, M2PA, M2UA over SCTP
    IP Interface to Local Area Network HTTP RESTful AP
    SS7 Links 4 to 744 LSL
    SIGTRAN Associations Up to 1024
    E1 Interfaces 4 to 24 per cluster
    MSU/s Up to 50,000 MSU/s

    RESTful run-mode in the Modulo MAP Gateway

    The RESTful run-mode allows a 3rd party web application server to implement an intelligent application by exchanging Json objects through RESTful HTTP requests.

    The MAP Gateway Restful mode allows HTTP interfaces to implement intelligent applications on the network

    Use Cases

    Wi-Fi Authentication Gateway

    A use case where the MAP-GW translates a RADIUS authentication request to a MAP Authentication procedure with the HLR.

    Modulo's MAP Gateway Wi-Fi Authentication Gateway use case schema

    Subscriber Location Tracking

    A use case where the MAP -GW seeks the location area code and the cell id of a specific subscriber to provide a location indication for advertisement or for other commercial applications.

    Modulo's MAP Gateway - Subscriber Location Tracking Schema

    SMS Routing

    A use case where the MAP GW is responding to the SMS queries determines which SMSC will be responsible to serve each specific SMS.

    MAP Gateway SMS Routing use case schema


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