Mobile & Satellite Backhauling Optimization

Sevis´ intelligent backhaul optimization solutions allow mobile network operators (MNO) and IP bandwidth providers to simultaneously reduce backhaul costs, increase revenue, improve the user experience and launch new services. Many of the world’s largest mobile operators rely on Sevis backhaul optimizers to enable new services and increase operational efficiencies.



Solutions delivered include a range of transport-agnostic and mobile-vendor-agnostic intelligent products that meet to the needs of major MNO´s and service providers. Money-saving and revenue-generating products range from traditional and intelligent 2G Abis optimization to throughput acceleration and optimization on high-speed 3G and LTE networks.

Sevis is renowned worldwide as an accountable technology leader in this space, with a clean and high-ROI value proposition reinforced by unmatched warranties and excellent technical support.

Its best-in-class, future-ready products are the end result of a unique innovation-driven culture with carrier-level development background which creatively bridge the gap between transport solutions, mobile domain expertise and deep packet inspection capabilities.


2G & 3G E1 Macro Cell »

  • Abis & Iub Interface

2G IP Macro and Small Cell »

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3G IP Macro Cell »

  • Iub Interface

3G (Iuh) & LTE »

  • Abis & Iub Interface