NetFlow/IPFIX Network Probe

The FlowVista Probe series by Cubro are network probes which receive network traffic from TAPs and Network Packet Brokers and produces NetFlow V9 CDRs. The FlowVista probe series can decode L4 traffic information and perform Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).



The Cubro FlowVista Network Probe Series are network monitoring devices that perform Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), metadata extraction, flow monitoring, and XDR production from IP traffic. The FlowVista probes are agnostic to any 3rd party presentation systems, supporting usage of the NetFlow V9 protocol for exporting of IP traffic data. The FlowVista probes connect to enterprise servers and generate UDP XDRs outputs.

Probe highlights

  • Built-in logical signature processing engine, supporting rule priority and outputting¬†identification results of the highest priority.
  • Flexible rule syntax description: users can define the protocol rules based on PDL* syntax.
  • Supporting cross-packet search
  • Supporting rule hot swapping, achieving rule upgrading without interrupting traffic processing.
  • Correlate-identification: correlating multi-session protocol and unifying the identification result.
  • Packet-filtering load balancing: FlowVista can process the packets based on IP 5-tuple and application protocol rules and support combined ACL rules and multi-dimensional load balancing (preserving
    session/subscriber integrity).

 FlowVista Network Probe Series Port Diagram

The FlowVista series network probes boast a wide variety of monitoring features: cross-packet search, correlate-identification, raw packet tagging, FDRs (outputting session statistics in NetFlow V9), meta-data generation, L7 Application detection and more.

The probes can be customized to the client’s requirements. for more information, contact us at