Optical TAPs

An Optical slim TAP with MTP output. This new version of the Cubro optical slim tap makes it much easier and cheaper if you need a TAPing solution with several hundred 10 Gbit ports. The input of the TAP is still an LC connector but the output is an MTP connector.



Our Optical TAPs, made by Austria-based company Cubro, maintain a permanent passive connection for monitoring purposes without introducing a potential point of failure or disturbing other network connections.

Cubro passive optical TAPs deliver full-duplex monitoring with zero impact on the network. The Optical Test Access Ports provide a simple but powerful way for in-service monitoring of high-speed optical networks such as SDH/SONET/OTN and Ethernet, up to 100 Gbit.

Our optical TAPs are totally traffic transparent and offer 100% throughput. Therefore, they can be used for any optical network application, regardless of the bitrate. Whether it is monitoring of STM-64, STM-256, 10G Ethernet or OTN signals, our TAPs offer the best price-performance ratio in the market.

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The network links can either be Multimode (850/1300nm) or Singlemode (1310/1550nm). Thus, Cubro TAPs can be used for short-haul as well as long-haul applications.

Our Optical TAPs are delivered with LC type connectors. Depending on the available optical power budget, the SM optical splitting ratio is selectable in 10% steps, SM standard is 80/20), the MM splitting ratio is always 50/50%.

Every used splitter inside the optical TAP is carefully handled and insertion loss is measured before the TAP leaves to the customer. Therefore, our customers can be sure to receive the exact product that they expect.

Main Features of our Optical TAPs

  • Carrier Grade Design
  • Full Transparency
    • Transparent to all data rates from 100 Mbit to 100 Gbit
    • Transparent to all protocols: ATM, SDH, IP, FC…
  • Up to 100 Gbit Support
  • Fully Passive – No power adapter needed!
  • new cabling approach – asymmetric design for easy cabeling (See illustration below)
  • color-coded adapters (connectors)
  • Patent Pending

Cubro Tap with MTP - 3248

Optical TAPs give you real-time monitoring access to a physical optical data link without interfering with it’s signaling. Due to the fact that the optical TAP is fully passive (no power supply needed) there is no risk in adding it to an active link.

The Cubro Slim Tap Series of Optical TAPs


Tap with MTP

The Optical Slim TAPs are available as either SM or MM; there are 4 Link and 8 Link versions.

With our top-quality couplers, our units can handle traffic from 10M to 100G.

For easier cabling we have separated the Link section and the Monitor section.

All Link ports are on the left side of the TAP and the corresponding monitor ports are situated on the right side of the unit. This is meant to prevent cluttering and mixing between Link and Monitor cables.

For even easier recognition, the belonging Link and monitor port connectors (LC) have the same colour: It is no longer necessary to read the front of the device any more, which is especially useful in environments where there is no clear sight of the front panel. See illustration:

Cubro Optical TAP Color Scheme

Specs of the Cubro Slim Optical TAPs

Monitor Output On request units with more outputs are avaliable.
Up to 5 outputs are possible, depending on the power budget of the network link.
Multilink Units with 4 or 8 links are available.
Connector LC color coded
Rugged 19” Housing Stable 19” steel housing with precise connector labelling on the front panel and color coded connectors19” 1U; Upon request, adding many other housing racks are possible.

19” 1/3U high (8 Links)

Dimensions 482.6 x 15 x 120 mm
Weight 1 kg
Linksave The Cubro Optical TAP does not include any switching mechanism. The main link is always connected and therefore the TAP will not loose any traffic in case of a power failure. Even if the monitoring port gets damaged/destroyed the main link will not be affected.
Certifications Fully RoHS compliant


Due to its fully passive design the TAP is fully transparent to any faults.

  • No LED indicators – fully passive
  • No Power – fully passive
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Easy operation and installation.

Pricing for Optical TAPs

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