PCRF Functional Tester

The PCRF Functional Tester is a comprehensive testing tool for the Policy and Charging Rules Function. The system emulates all of the LTE network elements connected to the PCRF, tests its interfaces to those network elements, and tests correctness of implementation based on all of the relevant 3GPP standards.



Testing an LTE network’s PCRF requires testing the network element’s different Diameter interfaces, as well as testing how it interacts with other connected elements in the network.

The LTE PCRF Functional Tester provides all these testing features and more. The PCRF tester emulates all of the LTE network elements surrounding the PCRF (System Under Test), such as the BBERF, P-GW (PCEF), and the Application Function (AF). It tests the S7/Gx, Rx, S9 and Gxx interfaces of the PCRF.

The PCRF Functional Tester tests the correctness of an implementation of LTE Policy and Charging Rules Function in accordance with 3GPP TS 23.203 (PCC), TS 29.214 (Rx), TS 29.212 (Gx), TS 29.215 (S9), TS 29.213 (QoS),TS 29.816 (PCRF failure and restoration) and other relevant Release 8, Release 9 and Release 10 standards.

Polaris Networks has defined the functional test cases for PCRF testing.

Main Features:

  • PCRF ‘wrap-around’ conformance test tool
  • Large number of automated, pre-scripted tests
  • Includes Negative and tests for Abnormal scenarios
  • Allows users to change content & order of PDU
  • Source code of test scripts available to the user
  • Create new tests using ‘drag and drop’