PCRF Load Tester

The Polaris Networks LTE PCRF Load Tester is a comprehensive test solution for evaluating the performance and the stability of LTE Policy and Charging Rules Function.



The PCRF Load Tester is ideally suited for manufacturers of PCRF equipment as well as operators deploying PCRF in an LTE network. The Tester can be used for testing both the Control Plane and the User Plane under various load conditions and for measuring the capacity and various key performance indicators of EPC nodes. The Tester simulates millions of Subscriber sessions with multiple bearers per Subscriber.

The Tester emulates all the network elements surrounding the PCRF – Subscribers, P-GW, S-GW, Application Function (AF) and PCRF. The PCRF Load Testers tests all types of signaling transactions, including IP-CAN Session Establishment, Modification and Termination, Usage Monitoring, Roaming and Emergency Sessions.

  • Load/Stress Test Tool for PCRF
  • Simulates millions of subscribers
  • Emulates all surrounding PCRF elements
  • Tests both Control Plane and User Plane

Network interfaces and protocols supported by the PCRF Load Tester

Load Tester Emulation Interface 3GPP Specification
P-GW (PCEF & BBERF) Gx 3GPP TS 29.212 & TS 23.203
S-GW (BBERF) Gxc 3GPP TS 29.212 & TS 23.203
Application Function (AF) Rx 3GPP TS 29.214 & TS 23.203
PCRF S9 3GPP TS 29.215 & TS 23.203

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