Smart Bypasses

Optical Bypass 40 and 100 Gbit Multimode SR4: Bypass Switches provide a fail-safe Inline protection tool for your security and monitoring devices.



The Cubro bypass for 100 Gbit multimode a link is realized with a mems optical switch per link 16 switches are uses, this 16 switches are combined to one module.

The switching mechanism offers the reliability of a solid state device. The optical switch is a latched version, which means it only needs power during switching. Even when power fails, the optical switch stays in the programmed state.

Options to activate the bypass:

  1. manually via SSH or HTTP
  2. power fail
  3. smart detection of the bypassed device

Optic Parameters

Wavelength: 1240-1640 nm
Insertion Loss: 1-2 dB
Crosstalk: 75 dB
Return loss: 55 dB
Polarisation Dependent Loss: 0.03 dB
Switching Time: ms 0.4
Durability cycles: No Wear

Singlemode LR4

100 Gbit Optical Bypass Switch Front

Bypass SM Illustration

Multimode SR connection

A 100 Gig link multi-mode 850 nm is typically realized with 4 fibre pairs,each of them is transporting 25 Gbit/sec. The connector of the QSFP28 or CFP2 is a MTP/MTO connector with 8 fibre’s.

100 Gbit SR Description