SS7 Protocol Analyzer

STINGA SS7 Monitor is a stand-alone real-time SS7 protocol analyzer – a complete system of software and hardware to monitor network traffic over multiple TDM interfaces. For Network providers this is a vital tool for error tracking and delivering Quality of Service (QoS).



Monitoring networks with STINGA Protocol Monitors gives network providers a true assessment of network signals and performance. These detailed network data are useful in terms of becoming more proactive, gain better control over own networks, and ensuring the network is delivering on its premises. The monitored data can work as a basis for network planning, analysis of customer experience, protocol analysis, and network surveillance etc.

The Call Detail Record (CDR) generator makes it easy to create custom reports and statistics for executives. These reports present a functional overview of network data and make it easier to do network planning and maintenance. In addition, network problems and protocol irregularities become easier to resolve. When monitoring in real-time issues can be resolved before anyone notice.

Expert support

To ensure our customers are up-to-date, all STINGA products are adapted to new technological changes. New protocols and versions are added continuously. Other protocols and national protocol variants are implemented on customer request.

Expert support and product demonstrations are offered online via GoToMeeting. Contact us to request and schedule an appointment.

Benefits of the STINGA SS7 Protocol Analyzer

  • Easier to discover protocol irregularities
  • Resolve your network issues before anyone notice
  • Better control of own networks
  • Improves Quality of Service
  • Easy-to-use
  • Fraud detection
  • Billing and accuracy verifications