USSD Gateway

Modulo’s USSD Gateway is a mobile network element that connects between the mobile signaling network (SS7) and HTTP-based Value-Added USSD Applications. Our product can be used to easily develop valuable services such as real-time charging, content delivery, banking services and more.

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USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Services Data. A USSD Gateway is a network element that connects between the HLR element in the mobile signaling network (SS7) and HTTP-based Application Servers.

Modulo USSD Gateway architecture

USSD applications can create new revenue streams for the mobile operator and its business clients. USSD can be used for real-time charging, content delivery, polling and surveys, banking services and more.

The USSD Gateway allows subscribers to send USSD messages in order to receive information and services from the operator. USSD messages are session-based, meaning they require an online continuous connection. This makes USSD messaging much faster than SMS messages (no Store-and-Forward). Our simple and easy RESTful HTTP API allows any web developer to easily create new USSD applications for the mobile network.

Modulo’s USSD Gateway can also be used even when the HLR cannot pass messages to the USSD Gateway – by using Home Routing – with a GHLR. A diagram with the architecture in this use case can be found in the product datasheet (PDF).

Main Features of the Modulo USSD Gateway

  • Full Compliance with both Phase 1 & Phase 2 USSD standards
  • A simple and easy to use Restful HTTP API, which allows for the development of additional USSD services by any web developer.
  • High speed message transfer
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • Allows easy creation of menu-based services

Use Cases of the Modulo USSD Gateway

Managing Account Balance

A use case where users can manage their mobile subscription account with a USSD interface: Check phone usage, account balance, pay bills and more.

Content Portal

MNOs or other commercial companies can provide users with paid content such as news, sports, and weather information.

Conducting Polls or Surveys

Operators and commercial companies can use USSD to easily poll subscribers on an infinite variety of issues.

USSD polling

Additional Use Case Examples

  • Changing Device Settings
  • Polling
  • Banking: Account Management
  • Chatting
  • Shopping
  • And more…

The HTTP API feature in Modulo’s USSD Gateway creates infinite possibilities for new USSD-based services to be developed.


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