Tools for Telecom Developers


This page showcases a collection of testing and development tools we created for software developers in the field of telecom.

We decided to create this telecom developer toolbox after realizing we often found ourselves searching the web for such tools for development and testing of our own products.

List of Tools for Telecom Software Development and Testing

SS7 Point Code Converter screenshot

SS7 Point Code Converter / Calculator

This tool can convert ITU (14 bit 3-8-3) point codes to ANSI (24 bit 8-8-8), and vice versa. Enter either a Hexadecimal Point Code or a Decimal Point Code, and it will automatically convert the number to the corresponding 3-digit (x-x-x)  point code.

Erlang C calculator screenshot

Erlang C Calculator

This tool was developed for call centers to optimize service performance, based on the Erlang traffic model. We used this model to calculate the number of Low Speed Links (LSLs) required to support a specified number of CAMEL transactions, as depended on transaction size (in bytes). Our calculator also provides the number in SIGTRAN bandwidth.

MNC-MCC table screenshot

MNC-MCC Lookup Table

This dynamic table presents a list of Mobile Network Codes (MNC) and corresponding Mobile Country Codes (MCC), together with each country’s name, ISO, calling code, and names of mobile networks. The table includes an advanced search box, in which you can enter any parameter of those mentioned above, and the table will automatically and immediately update according to the search input.

Using this tool, you will be able to search: MCC and MNCs by country name, MCC and MNCs by country code, MCC and MNCs by by mobile operator name, Country by MCC or MNCs, Country code by MCC or MNCs, and/or Mobile operator names by MCC or MNCs.

List of Diameter Interfaces screenshot

List of Diameter Network Interfaces

This is not a calculator, but just a simple table presenting a list of interfaces used in networks based on the Diameter protocol. Next to each interface is a short description of what each interface is used for, and which version of the specification is supported by it.

For example, the Rf interface is used to connect between the AS and OFCS, for postpaid charging purposes, and is supported by the RFC 4006, 3GPP TS 32.225 and TS 32.299 specifications.

List of GSM Interfaces screenshot

List of GSM SS7 Network Interfaces

This is not a calculator, but just a simple table presenting a list of interfaces used in GSM and GPRS networks. The two tables in this page contain lists of GSM and GPRS network infrastructures, and the purpose they serve in the SS7 network.

For example, the C interface is used in connections between the the HLR and the MSC, and between the HLR and the GMSC or SMS Gateway.